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Are you serious!!!

Seriously, I feel for the story and the situation life offered for this family. But now that they are back on their feet. I want to know what happens to them in a year. Do they get further in to debt again.

Now can they afford that new plasma TV and new car they have been dieing to get.

I hope they save their money and choose better options next go around.

Yah Countrywide only re-negoatiated the loan and forgave this poor family's debt for their own good. But come on, it just steams me. Why should I have to make more conservative decisions and be held accountable for my actions. Why can't I default, keep my home and be forgiven for my debt and go on my merry way.

Gimminie Crickets.

This is ridiculous. Call me crass or brash. But these people shouldn't have been in the home in the first place with the way they stretched themselves. They took the risk for the adjustable variable…

The new black gold
So if shale is to slate, then what is oil shale to gold.

Black gold that's it. So there it is again big oil holding down their investments.

We can't afford to go to zero emission vehicles. Big oil has too much investment in oil and refining in general.

All be it, it will be a great thing to get away from the oil cartels themselves.

All hail oil the big king!!!