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Showing posts from February 6, 2008

walk away, there should be a law against it!!!

Walk away from your home there should be laws against it.

You should have to claim bankruptcy to walk away.

There should be huge reasons required and circumstances that basically equal life or death.

Not that oops your gamble did not work out. Why should the rest of us have to suffer for deviant misguided leeches of society.

If you gambled your paycheck away or took a line of credit out on your house to gamble at a casino. Would that casino let you walk. Heck no.

Banks should be putting new guidelines that state if you walk away from your home you will not be able to qualify for one for so many more years. If you walk away from your home after buying another at a lower price you default to a higher rate.

What the heck is wrong with the financial institutions. Is no one accountable.