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Housing Markey Crash?

Housing Markey Crash?

I am sure you have seen it all over the media. The housing market is crashing. Sales are down!

There is a glut of homes on the market.

Well want to get some facts outside of the media and the articles.

Check out some of these links.

Good terms to know:

REO : (Real Estate Owned) a.k.a bankowned property; pretty straight forward.

Foreclosure - Legal process by which a mortgagor of real property is deprived of his interest in that property due to failure to comply with terms and conditions of the mortgage.

Preforclosure - A process where by a default has taken place. Usually a notice of default will have been filed as a first step. If the default is not cured either a judicial or non judicail proceeding is started and property is subject to foreclosure. Preforeclosure is sometimes known as Lis Pendens(lawsuit pending) in states that conduct judicial proceedings.

HUD - The Department of Housing and Urban Development was established by the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1965 to supersede the Housing and Home Finance Agency and give Cabinet status to the administration of the nation's housing and urban development programs. ...

HUD Homes for sale.

Countrywide REO search form.

A Blog tracking countrywide foreclosures, tread lightly with this information.

Now keep in mind there are sites that like to charge you for services that they may or may not completly provide you.
Once such company provides free terms but requires a creditcard. ( That has to make you think twice, and if it didn't this comment should have.)

This company operates under RealyTrac now but also has operated under initially and also currently runs and according to a posting here :

If you want to test a theory of unethical spamming.

Don't complete the realtytrac free trial form but complete it up to credit card and see how much spam you get from a number of mortgage companies. (USE a junk email account you don't care about.)


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