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The New Year is HERE!!

The new year is here and thankfully I am here as well to enjoy the new year or at least try to make it through it to next year.

The new year does not look bright though. However optimistic you want to be.

A lot of uneasiness in the air.

Nothing that is not in the media constantly.

It is amazing how hum drum the world is right now.

High oil prices, high gas prices, and a sagging housing market to say the least.

The political race is on and what promises we will hear.

Who will it be, only the future knows.

However, it does not look bright no matter who makes it to office.

Can you say the big A word if who should be in office makes it to the office.

And do we really need another Clinton in office.

The billions spent on a war that cannot be won.

Still trying to instate democracy in country's that don't want it and still trying to help the worlds hunger and poverty while AMERICANS go hungry and starving without shelter in our own country.

Not a lot of technological advance that will drive additional productivity in the near future.

The latest of all leaps and bounds will only be available to the top end of income spectrum for those that for all means want to hide their HD cables with wireless HD on the horizon.

Semi-conductors have flat lined. Good for consumers, bad for the chip makers.

Microsoft VISTA still flopping around like a fish out of water.

With Microsoft starting to push the 2008 products.

How much more Microsoft do we really need.

Consolidation and downsizing is what we will see again in 2008.

Since growth is very difficult in a R market. That's right not a bull market or bear market.

R market. Since that is what we are heading towards. Will we really have a recession????

Who knows. It is for certain auto manufacturers are getting theirs butts handed to them.

While health care is in limbo and will be a major subject for all political candidates.

No new magic cure alls hitting the streets from the Pharmacy sector.

Lastly to all that see gold hitting new highs. Sorry you missed it again. Always remember you got to keep up on the trends to speculate and grab hold of them before they happen.

Everyone reporting on it now is all old news. Hold on to your money for now since even though the US dollar is weak it will re-gain strength. It surely has not bottomed out. However, wait and see. You can already see the Yen devaluing. When will the world learn that we are a global economy. And the golden rule : balance in life.

When there is a gain in one place there surely is a loss in another. Growth is speculative since we are so into borrowing time and money. Will this world really ever get ahead. So pessimistic, however very very real.

Being a realist is not always a bowl of cherries. However hard it is to face the facts of life. Things happen and things make things happen.

Peace out.


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