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40 years old and retired!!

Now this is a very interesting read. A little long. But there is some realism here.

If you are lucky enough to do what this couple has done. More power to you.

20 years in service with a family. That's dedication.....

Not only to a financial plan. Dedication to family. Dedication to each other.

Living the American Dream.

Too bad St. Louis is not like the rest of America, or would we really want that any way.

Nice thought to think about the thoughts that this could be a reality.

I wonder how many people already could retire but choose not too.

So many what if's in this world.

One thing is that they did not say if they paid their house off or not.

Now that would be interesting.

You have to wonder about interest earned versus interest paid in some respect.

But compounding does have it's merits.

Kudo's for these people and it for one inspires me to keep doing what we do.



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